Child Aid Foundation


Everyone has the right to live his life happily.If not a luxury one, at least with basic needs for living.

Children are a gift of God.But all children are not fortunate enough to live a happy life, play with friends, get two square meals daily, and get the love of their parents.  Seems like God has not been very grateful to these children.

However God has sent few people to help these children.One such group is Child Aid Foundation.

Child Aid Foundation is a charitable organization in the service of underprivileged and unfortunate children. C.A.F. is running several residential and non-residential children’s aid and care projects from their center in Andhra Pradesh, India. It is fully supported by a very large, and ever-increasing, number of compassionate and generous people in Andhra Pradesh, in India, and throughout the world.

At the organization’s center, you can see how Child Aid Foundation is molding orphan children, slum children, street children, and child laborers into well-educated, self-reliant young adults with many various good occupations including professions. You can also see how Child Aid Foundation helps the children to become successful and beneficial members of society, and how they then help the society in return.

The Child Aid Foundation was founded and is being administrated by a very reputable board of trustees coming from various professions and sections of society. Being completely unrelated to each other, they came together only because of their sole desire and goal of helping poor and needy children. The organization was officially registered, as a non-profit, non-sectarian, secular, public charitable trust on June 1st, 1993.

The Goal

The main objective is to enable poor and needy children to pursue and complete their education to as high a level as they desire and are capable of achieving. To do this, Child Aid Foundation provides comprehensive aid and care to children, boys and girls, of all ages and academic levels on both a residential and non-residential basis. This aid and care includes nutritious food, clothing, shelter, education, vocational training, medical care, counseling, and job placement.

Future Plans

The number of children being referred and directly coming to Child Aid Foundation is constantly increasing. It is necessary, therefore, to increase both the quality and quantity of care within the present center. Additionally, Child Aid Foundation is opening branch offices in various important cities. Subsequently, when the response and support from any city becomes sufficient, a full-fledged center will be started in that city.


At the present cost of living, Child Aid Foundation is spending a minimum of Rs-1500 (about $35) per month per child taking into account all direct and indirect expenses. Child Aid Foundation is fully funded only by private donations in cash and kind. This is proof of the tremendous reputation, goodwill, and support that Child Aid Foundation has earned by many years of dedicated service. Child Aid Foundation has designed many various sponsorship schemes to suit everyone’s preferences and budgets. Please see the donation schemes and select the one that you like most.

Child Aid Foundation is a very genuine, reputable, credible, and transparently managed social service organization. It is actually doing very valuable work for the society and country by helping poor and needy children. It not only wants but also really needs your very kind and generous support.

– Promoter and Volunteer at Child Aid Foundation

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Confessions everywhere.

The most famous topic in today’s youth , I think , is CONFESSIONS.Social networking sites have new confession pages being created every day. There are confession pages for every school,every college,every community,and now every small group has its own confessions page.Is it because humans want to wash off their sins doing confessions ?. Doesn’t seem so.Instead confessions are more of a way to tell the world about one’s naughty doings, or they could be about describing feelings for someone.Confessions have created huge excitement and curiosity among today’s youth.

Confessions range from about naughty deeds such as breaking glass and running, causing damage to public property, messaging from friend’s cellphone ……. to telling feelings about someone like love,hatred,care and so on.

But are these confessions real ?. God knows. Confessions seem to be fake sometimes and real sometimes.

Confessions have become a daily time-pass for some people.They just keep on reading confessions and posting theirs. Confessions provide an easy way to tell others about your deeds or feelings.Confessions may be an enjoyable way of spending time for someone but sometimes they could cause harm to someone’s image who has been talked about in a confession.Anonymity is the reason people post anything and everything without fear.

At last , whatever be the matter in confession pages , they are read with a lot of curiosity.

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Exams : Let them come

Approaching exams and the fever starts rising.

For all the people preparing for entrance exams the tough time has started for you , or I should say that the tough time is about to end as the exams would end soon.

I lose my self-confidence : During my school days , I often felt that I can hardly do anything.Losing self-confidence would just make this feeling reality.Don’t lose self-confidence.Be confident but never be over-confident.Over-confidence stops you from doing normal things. Try your best and as they say ‘Have faith in god’.

I am nervous : I often see students getting nervous just before exams. I got nervous too. But my experience says getting nervous would make your efficiency just below half.You could be stuck in problems which you would have done half asleep.Try not to get nervous even if you think you know nothing.

I feel dis-heartened : You may feel dis-heartened thinking about your results.This feeling is natural but this would just increase your depression levels and decrease your RBC count.Try getting some inspirational stuff such as listening to inspirational music or talking to someone who cares about you.

My friend would get a better result : This feeling should not really live in you.

At last , Best of luck and may god be with you.

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