Exams : Let them come

Approaching exams and the fever starts rising.

For all the people preparing for entrance exams the tough time has started for you , or I should say that the tough time is about to end as the exams would end soon.

I lose my self-confidence : During my school days , I often felt that I can hardly do anything.Losing self-confidence would just make this feeling reality.Don’t lose self-confidence.Be confident but never be over-confident.Over-confidence stops you from doing normal things. Try your best and as they say ‘Have faith in god’.

I am nervous : I often see students getting nervous just before exams. I got nervous too. But my experience says getting nervous would make your efficiency just below half.You could be stuck in problems which you would have done half asleep.Try not to get nervous even if you think you know nothing.

I feel dis-heartened : You may feel dis-heartened thinking about your results.This feeling is natural but this would just increase your depression levels and decrease your RBC count.Try getting some inspirational stuff such as listening to inspirational music or talking to someone who cares about you.

My friend would get a better result : This feeling should not really live in you.

At last , Best of luck and may god be with you.


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I like writing whatever comes in my mind, doesn't matter what the hell it is.
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